What are the dimensions?

Exterior: 19 l x 15 w  x 13.5 h

Interior: 17 l  x 13 w  x 10 h

What are the size and weight limitations for my pet?

To allow head room we recommend the pet be 9" at the shoulder. Although there are no real weight limitations, for your pets comfort we suggest 15 pounds as a good rule of thumb. 

What about shipping?

We use the USPS and charge actual postage fees based on your zip code. We do not charge additional handling fees. Typically we ship same business day whenever possible. You can choose your preferred shipping option upon checkout.

What is your return policy?

To ensure a quality product every Pet Cooler Carrier is assembled and inspected before it goes out. We only accept undamaged returns and do not cover return shipping fees.

How do I assemble the Pet Cooler Carrier? 

Pet Cooler Carrier Assembly from Pet Cooler Carrier on Vimeo.

What ways I can have cooling and water?

You can fill the ice chest with ice cubes, or fill and freeze removable trays to make ice blocks (for maximum amount of cooling duration and water) and place them in upside down.

How much does the ice chest hold?

The chest of the small carrier holds about 3.5 pounds of cubed ice (approx. 13 cups), which melts down to about 7.5 cups of water.

How can I have cooling without water?

You can fill the trays with ice cubes, fill and freeze the trays to make ice blocks placing them in upright, fill a large freezer bag with ice, or use freezable gel or ice packs.

Can I use dry ice?

Never use dry ice for cooling. Dry ice is too cold. Dry ice sublimates quickly into carbon dioxide gas which can build pressure and displace normal air, especially in a closed in space.

How much cooler is the inside temperature with the ice, and how long does it last?

How much the temperature drops inside the carrier with the ice will depend greatly on the conditions the carrier are in. For example, the results will be different if the carrier is in a closed environment as opposed to outside in direct sunlight and wind. It will also depend on if you use the curtains or not. Tests have shown in most cases a 15 degree drop with the ice lasting at least 5 hours. After the ice has melted, the cold water will keep the carrier cool as well until it warms up, or the pet drinks it.

Can I use the trays for my pet’s medicine?

The trays are perfect to carry your pet’s medicine in, especially any medicine like insulin that needs to stay refrigerated.

What’s the best way to clean the ice chest and water valve?

The ice chest and water valve should be cleaned frequently to prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria. Start first by removing the top and placing it in the tub. Then fill ice chest a half water, half vinegar solution to clean. When you’re finished, use a clamp or rubber band to hold water valve open so the solution can drain through the valve and into the tub. Repeat with clean water to eliminate all vinegar odor and taste.

What is the “crinkling” noise in the side curtains?

The side curtains have a heat reflective layer of aluminum in between 2 layers of canvas. This material (originally developed by NASA for the space program) is used for emergency blankets. Not only does this help keep the sun’s rays out in the summer, but reflects the radiant heat of the pet back inside the carrier to keep them warmer when it’s cold.

What can I do if the water valve starts leaking?

In most cases tightening the valve with a wrench or pair of pliers will stop the leak. However, be careful not to over tighten and strip the threads or crack the plastic. Wrapping plumber’s tape around the threads before screwing it in is recommended as well to further prevent leaking. If water is leaking from inside the valve, it probably means the rubber washer inside is not sealing properly. In that case, please return the valve and we’ll send you another one.

What kind of plastic is the carrier made out of?

Standard pet carriers are made out of a plastic called polypropylene, which is unfortunately weak and prone to cracking. We’ve upgraded our carriers 2 steps to a more durable copolymer polypropylene which is used for firefighting equipment.

Will the ice cause condensation underneath the ice chest?

Some condensation underneath the ice tray will occur. This is unavoidable, but minimal and harmless. In most cases the pet will simply lick it off.

Are the curtain washable?

Yes. The curtains are made from a durable outdoor canvas and can be hand washed in cold or warm water. Lay flat to dry. Do not place in dryer.