Why is Pet Cooler Carrier important?

Any veterinarian will tell you how dangerous heat and dehydration are to your pet. Even the most fit pet can suffer heat related illnesses in hot, arid climates, or during the sizzling days of summer. Over weight, short- faced, or health compromised pets are at even greater risk.

There are no exact statistics as to how many pets are injured or die every year from heat exposure, largely because most cases go unreported. Estimates, however, are that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of pets die and suffer every year.

The heat related injury or death of a beloved pet is a terrible, completely preventable situation.

On an 85 degree day it only takes 10 minutes for the interior of a parked vehicle to climb to 102 degrees. In a half hour, it can reach 120 degrees!

Leaving windows partially down does not help to cool things down inside the vehicle.

Dogs in particular have a higher body temp than people, and they don’t cool down as effectively as we do. Your canine friend is built more for insulation from cold than for cooling down. A dog can only normalize it’s body temp through panting, which isn’t enough in extreme conditions.

Heatstroke causes cells of the body to rapidly start dying. The brain swells causing seizures, lack of blood supply to the GI tract creates ulcers, and dehydration leads to irreversible kidney damage. All of these devastating events take place within a matter of minutes.

By the time your pet is exhibiting symptoms of heatstroke, it’s often too late to save them.

We at PCC recommend never leaving a pet unattended in a parked vehicle. Our product is not intended for this use. Temperatures in a parked vehicle may potentially build beyond operational limits of our carrier.
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Traveling with your pet is the number one biggest trend in the pet industry. Unfortunately, pet injuries and deaths do occur while flying. Airlines have reported over 122 dog deaths in the past 5 years, but many incidents go unreported. Most of these injuries and deaths were due to heat. Short-faced dog breeds (which have a harder time regulating their body temperature) accounted for half of these incidents. This has prompted the Transportation Department to expand the reporting of incidents when pets are lost, injured or killed. The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association, as well as other animal-rights activist groups, welcome the proposal. (Information from Bart Jansen at USA Today...
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What prompted the idea?

Craig Skaggs - Inventor:

“The idea for the Pet Cooler Carrier came to me many years ago on a very hot summer day while driving between St. Louis, Missouri and Wichita, Kansas. I was by myself driving when an old pick-up truck passed me with a large dog carrier in the back. Inside the carrier was a German Shepherd, obviously miserable from the unbearable heat. As a designer, I immediately started thinking of how to design a better pet carrier. There’s a certain acronym in design called ‘K.I.S.S.,’ which means ‘Keep It Simple Stupid!’ This principle has served me well over my long career designing products. So, bearing that in mind, the answer was obvious - ice + standard convection + water from ice melt = safety and comfort.”

“Although the idea came to me years ago, I’ve constantly kept improving on the design. Only recently though have the right circumstances and people come together to make this a reality. Our goal here at PCC is not just to provide you with what we believe is the best pet carrier on the market, but to keep improving and innovating it - as well as other products - to better your pet’s life and health.”